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How do I enter the contest?
You need to read the instructions and guidelines carefully and then submit your entry online. Details for online submission are provided on the Young Scientist website.

Will you assign specific categories for projects, how do I decide on my project?
We will not be providing any specific categories. Choose any project that falls under the umbrella of Science and Technology.

One of my students has changed the title of their project. Can you please update your records?
Updates are possible as long as they are minor.

My child’s school is not willing to enter students this year. Can I enter my child as an independent?
Yes, you can. This contest is inclusive to non-school goers.

Can students work in pairs or groups?
Students can enter as “Individuals” or “Groups”. A group entry is two (2) students. The maximum of two students cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

Can the contestants seek help from parents and teachers?
Yes, contestants can certainly seek help from parents, teachers or peers but the basic idea should be theirs and they should be confident enough to explain the reason and process behind their innovation.

What is the role of parents on the day of the competition?
Parents can help with the initial setup of the models or presentations. During the judging process, parents and visitors are requested to kindly remain outside.

Agenda – 7th September 2019?


Will you be providing Lunch for the contestants?
Contestants are encouraged to bring their own food in case of any special dietary requirements. Otherwise, we will be offering a simple lunch to all the contestants and judges.

Are there any specific topics that the contestants have to work on?
Not necessary. This is an innovative contest. Therefore contestants can make anything innovative. However, topics may include but not limited to, Robotics, Aeronautics, simple machines, sustainable living etc.

Note: Usage of chemicals is prohibited.

Can one contestant create/invent 2 models?
No, one contestant is eligible to present only one model.

Can we use the same model we have used for another contest or school projects?
Yes, students can use their already created models from their school projects, science contest etc. as far as they have concrete explanation and knowledge about the working of the model, as they will be questioned about the same.

Are the inventions needing to be built and operational etc?

It would be great to have inventions that are operational, however, a working prototype is more than enough to participate and win the contest. The Young Scientist Committee may help to nurture the concepts and assist in making the prototype operational.