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Date 01 September 2019
Time 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Arndell Community Centre, 24-49, Federation Blvd, Truganina, VIC 3029

In order to encourage student’s creativity, they are encouraged to work on a project that links back into making a better tomorrow for Wyndham.  This includes making live models, presentations and installations that are both creative, innovative and thought provoking.

This can range anywhere from energy conservation to simple machines.

Step 1:

Students complete an individual application form via the website and submit a 3-minute video recording. This can be sent to Young Scientist of Wyndham email or directly uploaded on to the website.

The project summary should include the below headings:

  • Category of the Project  ( e.g. sustainable environment)
  • Title of the Project
  • Project Innovation / Summary Explain its Uniqueness
  • Explain why there is a need for invention – how it can be used for the benefit of the Wyndham community

Projects or ideas should be simple and clearly outline with a reason for the need identified and how the solution will be implemented. Students can create and enter the contest as individuals.

Note: Maximum of 6 entries per school will be permitted.

The last date of entry to the contest will be the 31st of August 2019.

Step 2:

The entries will be shortlisted by 3 of our team members (Vijisha, Madhuri Vasa and Dr.Srimathy Kesan- CEO and Founder of Space kids India).

The participants will be shortlisted and notified.

Step 3:

The shortlisted participants will then be invited to compete on the final day of the contest on 1st September 2019 by displaying their model/ presentation to a panel of Judges.

Competition Start 9:00 AM
Judging 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Lunch Break 11:00 – 11:30 AM
Closing ceremony, Winner announcement 11:45 AM onwards

The judging criteria will be based on their innovation, communication, creation and presentation of the project in line with a better future for Wyndham.

What are benefits to the Wyndham community?

People feel that they have a sense of belonging.
— Because the contest criteria encourage projects that address local issues, it encourages entrants to believe they can make a difference to their community.

People have increased networks and feel supported by family, friends and neighbours
— students will extend their network outside the school; teachers involved will be acknowledged by the broader community.

The project improves a shared use of community space.
— Bringing the short-listed science projects out of school and into community spaces where students would increase their sense of connection to Wyndham as “their” place.

The project achieves an aspiration of local community members.
— adds a community contribution to Wyndham Learning Festival
— teachers (and contest coordinator), and Wyndham Council aspire to strengthen community capacity — the competition contributes to achieving that.

The project will be a community event which will include support from parents and other community member’s contribution such as volunteers, scientist, teachers etc. On the day of the event, once the judges have finalised their decision, the community will be invited to look at the presentations of students. The whole event will be family friendly and will provide an opportunity for students to take pride of their invention and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

By basing their creative proposals on a need identified in the community, young people are actively engaging in a way that ensures their connection to the Wyndham community.

This experience will also enhance better communication skills, teamwork, community engagement and learning of new skills amongst students. This science-based inter-school contest will not only enhance creativity and hidden ability in students but will help in promoting a healthy competition between students from different schools and help them to learn and share new ideas and skills from each other through positive networking. More importantly, it is a chance for the community to celebrate some of the wonderful and refreshing ideas that students have to offer.

What are the benefits to continue beyond the project end date?

Student’s innovation can be used to develop strategies for environmental sustainability by the Wyndham council.

Where students have an idea/invention to support sustainability in our area, a sustainable division of the council have come forward to promote the completion through our teacher’s network.

Allow the students to feel empowered and would create a pathway to link the community with the council.  Also, encourage more participation from young leaders towards the betterment of the local area.

As the judges have a wide array of expertise in science, we as team members will recommend to them to involve the students to work with them in their projects as required.

Based on the success rate of the current project, we will be conducting this contest on a yearly basis, beginning with the Wyndham Learning Festival to make it sustainable.